Bear Bicycle Touring Co.

Day tour to Clinton's scenic mill and bridge

NJ Countryside Gems

Lose yourself in the endless back-lanes of the New Jersey countryside as we wind our way through rolling hills and farmland. This tour is on paved road only; if you rent our bikes, they will be fitted with slick road tires.

This tour is aimed at riders who are familar with riding on the road for several hours over the course of a day. Over the course of the morning we'll have left Lambertville well behind and ranged North to discover some of the gems of New Jersey.

This day tour departs at 9.00 am. Private tours can be arranged at your chosen start time for groups of a minimum size of 4.

Bring your own bike or rent one of our cyclocross bikes

Our bikes are unique and not like the traditional beach cruisers you find on the tow path. Our bikes are lighter, have a more aggressive feel and have a more agile handling making them ideal for both the canal path and the roads. We will make sure you are comfortable on your bike before setting off!