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Charachterful Easton with many bridges

Easton Two-Day Bike Tour

2 Day Bike Tour - contact us to secure your spot

For those who can't find the time for a longer tour, we're fitting the complete cycle touring experience into a regular weekend. We start on Saturday morning from South East Bucks County and take New Jersey's back roads north to Easton before returning the following morning on the PA side to our start point.

Spotless New Jersey countryside

The route:

All distances are approximate - we're always tweaking our routes as we explore more and find better roads for you to enjoy!

Day 1: Lambertville to Easton - 55 miles

We follow some of the same roads used for the beginning on the Delaware 4 day tour, north through beautiful New Jersey countryside which you might not even know existed. The lovely town of Clinton provides an ideal lunch stop and photo opportunity with the unique and historic Lowthorpe bridge overlooking the town's picturesque mill and river.

From Clinton we complete the day's riding with an afternoon continuing the theme of quiet country roads, but as we loop north through Warren county we find some longer climbs before flying down the steady descent towards Easton.

Day 2: Easton to Lambertville - 45 to 60 miles

Leaving Easton the following morning we are faced with a choice. A day following the river road on either side of the Delaware will return us to the start of the journey on largely flat roads with an ever present view of the broad Delaware river. Alternatively, if the group is feeling strong and fresh, we have an alternative route which will take us up into the hills to the west of the river to ensure that if your legs weren't tired from the previous day, they will be by the end of this one!

What will it cost

The price will cover accommodation, meals, support vehicle and guides. You can choose single occupancy rooms each night, or to share with someone else to save on accommodation:

Regular single price: $500

Regular double price: $400

We'll provide you with dinner, accomodation, breakfast, tour guide, and luggage transport.

Make it happen

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