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Multi-day Bike Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anything you want to ask us after looking through our FAQ section, please feel free to get in touch. However, we hope we've answered some of your more common questions below:

  • What should I bring?
  • If you are going on the Catskills tour you will need to bring your own tent and camping supplies. If you are not renting one of our bikes, bring a road bike, a helmet and road cycling clothes. Bring a small item of luggage with clothes for the time off the bike. Bring any spares you'd normally take riding with you. Take a look at our example packing list for a good place to start.

  • What if I don't have a road bike I can bring with me
  • No problem. We have cyclocross bikes available to rent so do not worry about traveling with your bike. However, you will be most comfortable on your own bike. It'll fit you and feel familiar for long days in the saddle.

  • Am I fit enough?
  • Anyone can cycle tour, but it's going to take some base fitness to be able to stay on the bike for multiple hours, several days in a row. We recommend that you are comfortable riding for a couple of hours at a time and try build up to doing this at least 2-3 times a week leading up to joining a tour with us.

    The good news is we can help create a personal training guide to help you prepare for your tour, at no additional cost.

  • How fast will we ride?
  • This one is really down to you. Our guides will be able to go at whatever speed the group is comfortable going at.To give you an idea of the range of speeds, some riders might average 12 mph and take 5 hours of riding to reach the destination 60 miles away whereas stronger riders might be able to average closer to 20 mph.

  • Do I need clip-in shoes?
  • We strongly recommend riding with clip in shoes and pedals. We've never ridden more than a few miles without clip-in shoes and think that full days of riding without them would be very hard.

  • Is riding on the open road safe?
  • Riding on the open road does carry it's own inherant risks. However, we've ridden thousands of hours on all types of roads and the vast majority of the time we feel safe. Our tour routes focus on keeping you on quiet back roads aaway from the traffic as much as possible.

  • What if I get a flat tire or have a mechanical problem?
  • As responsible cyclists we'll always have enough with us to change a punctured inner tube mid ride. For bigger issues our support vehicle will carry a tool kit, spare inner tubes, tyres and wheels, and some common spare mechanical parts too. If your bike has a problem in a way we can't fix, we'll do what we can to get you to a bike shop.

  • What will the accomodatiion be?
  • At a minimum you'll be staying in comfortable hotels of a good standard. Where possible we'll try to arrange more interesting accomodation with local boutique lodgings, but this depends on availability and the tour size. As accomodation does depend on availability, we'll confirm accomodation details as we approach the tour date.

  • What food and meals will be provided.
  • Keeping yourself fuelled is important, so breakfast and dinner will be included in your tour package. This will vary depending on the route and accomodation, but will be a mixture of hotel breakfasts, cafe lunches, meals served out of our support vehicle on the road, and either a resaurant dinner, or an evening meal communal meal if our accomodation permits. Any extras such as coffee and snack stops, beverages during the evenings or additional food can be purchased by you.

    We'll provide you with a number of energy gels and bars for each day on the bike and extras can be purchased, but we encourage you to bring any personal favourites or specific requirements you have.

  • What if I'm worried about joining a tour on my own?
  • Don't worry! We're a friendly bunch to start with, and there is nothing like completing a journey like this for forging new friends and a great sense of camaraderie.

  • Will there be coffee stops?
  • We love coffee stops! Even if you don't drink coffee, finding a cafe to rest, regroup, refuel and socialize in is one of the finer points of cycle touring. We'll do our best to make a number of cafe stops available so you can treat yourself to your caffeine and cake fix.

  • Why are called the Bear Bicycle Touring Co.?
  • We can't answer all your questions or you will have nothing to ask us when you see us. Saving that one for later.