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Multi-day Bike Tours

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There is something special about multi-day cycle touring. Maybe it's waking each morning with one mission - to reach your destination by propelling yourself under your own power across the distance. Perhaps it's losing yourself in the daily passage of miles under your tires. Definitely it's sharing the journey both on the bike and during the evenings while resting with your touring comrades. That's not to mention how much fitter you'll get, or our personal favorite - indulging in dessert with zero guilt!

We recommend traveling with your own bike, but if this is not an option you can rent one of our bikes and just show up! Our bikes are aluminum frames with a carbon fork with disk brakes, set-up with 25mm road tires.

Bespoke tours

We'll work with you to put together the bicycle tour of your dreams

As you might have noticed we love cycle touring. If you have a desire for a longer tour, or to go somewhere different, we would love to help accommodate you and find others to join. We are excited to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Make it happen

Start talking with us to create your perfect tour.

Our tours spend a good portion exploring the Delaware Valley which is filled with hidden gems; the rolling hills, quiet roads following bubbling creeks and picturesque covered bridges will make you feel transported to another time. Each night we will stop at another small historic town with Inns and B&B’s filled with character. Enjoy dinner with your fellow adventures reliving the day before finally enjoying that much earned rest.

Our tours are rich in history with them starting a short distance from where George Washington crossed the Delaware to win the Battle of Trenton, a turning point in the American Revolution, and continue to charming towns dating back before America was even formed.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to make you fall in love with cycle touring as we have. To take the journey with us and have time to enhance your senses to the beautiful lands surrounding us. You will most likely end the tour feeling sore, but also feeling recharged for life.

We aim to make cycling touring as enjoyable as we can for you to get the most out of it. Our routes are thoroughly researched, the accommodations arranged for you, and your luggage ready to pick up as you get off your bike in the evening. On the road you'll travel with our expert guides who will be riding every mile with you. While a good day's riding is just that, our support vehicle will never be too far behind to help out, carrying enough spare tubes, tires, wheels, food and your clothing for bad weather in order keep us up and running through whatever the road throws at us.

If you want to try something a bit different, talk to us about putting together a custom bicycle tour. For different journey lengths, different destinations, get in touch and we'll discuss what we can put together for you.

On our tours, you'll ride around 60 miles a day. Some days will be a bit longer and some shorter. The minimum tour group size is 4 and the maximum is 12.

Have a question? Maybe we've already answered it on our multi-day FAQ page.