Bear Bicycle Touring Co.

We’re taking a break from running tours for now - please check back in the future or email us if you have any questions.

Day Bike Tours

Add a whole or half day out on the bike to your visit to New Hope and Lambertville:

  • Canals, Lanes and Shopping

    Canals lanes and shopping one day bicycle tour

    Difficulty: easy-medium

    Distance: 20 miles

    Explore the canal and back lanes in the half day adventure which gives you time for a shopping stop at Peddlar’s Village

  • Historic River Towns Tour

    Corporate events

    Difficulty: medium

    Distance: 35 miles

    Discover 5 historic river towns by a mixture of back lanes, dirt roads and canal towpath

  • New Jersey countrside gems

    Rolling New Jersey countryside gems

    Difficulty: medium-hard

    Distance: 55 miles

    Loose yourself in the endless back-lanes of the New Jersey countryside as we wind our way through rolling hills and farmland.

We have different tours geared towards your ability ranging from 20 miles to 55 miles. Our rental bikes are great for riding on the canal towpath, the road or dirt country lanes. If you’re new to riding they offer the fun challenge of a more sporty ride that we think anyone can give a go on with one of the shorter tours, but are also great for plugging away the miles on our longer rides too.

One thing cyclists know is the love of coffee and cake stops while out on a ride. We nailed down the best places out there and all of our tours feature stops en route to help you refuel and enjoy the day out.

The Delaware River Valley and surrounding countryside is stunning and rich in history. The history of the River Towns dates back to before the USA was formed. New Hope was once called Coryell’s Ferry, after the local Ferry operator in town. In 1790 a huge fire occurred and the reconstruction of the town was seen as “new hope” and the name took. George Washington crossed the Delaware River to win the Battle of Trenton which occurred just east of Lambertville and was a turning point in the Independence War. Take the River Towns Tours and learn about the history of six Towns as well as exploring country lanes and enjoying lunch.

Tours start location

Unless arranged otherwise, all tours start at the tow path parking area on River Road, Lambertville, NJ.

If everyone on the tour is at a hotel in either Lambertville or New Hope area, we can arrange start at that location.