Bear Bicycle Touring Co.

Biking with Kids and Life Update

Alex and I have been taking a small break from operating the bike tours. Life often gets in the way and for us the arrival of a couple little people have created a temporary hold on our business. Our third child is due to arrive shortly and we plan on keeping you updated on everything bikes with our blog as well as some awesome things to do in the local area. We are planning on restarting day tours for the 2023 season.

We appreciate your support as you patiently wait for the tours to restart and are happy to answer any questions you have. We love the Bucks County/Delaware Valley/River Towns area and hear to answer local questions or help plan out some awesome things to do in the area. Check back for some of our favorite cycle routes that you can do on your own and our favorite cafes to stop at.

For more information on other things to do in Bucks County you can check out Visit Bucks County

Cycling with Toddlers

Home life has changed for us. We now have two toddler boys, aged 2 and 3. And of course we wanted to get our kids into cycling as early as we could so they can love cycling as much as we do.

Including cycling into our lifestyle is important to us, it is who we are. Having kids changes your lifestyle and finding ways to incorporate kids into the things you love makes for a happier family. As much as I love riding my carbon fiber lightweight road bike I also now ride my cross bike a fair bit. Why? Because I can take one of my toddlers with me.

Both Alex and I have adjusted one of our bikes to fit a child carrier on the back. On nice days we can take both boys out on a ride with us and still get to enjoy cycling. The great thing about it, our toddlers love it and often ask if they can go on a bike ride.

Road riding with a toddler on the back is harder. You can feel the added weight on every hill and the balance of the bike changes. Not every ride we do is with our toddlers but having the option to take them along for days we can’t get a babysitter or want a family day is important to us.

Introduction to Toddler Bikes

Not only did we want to get our kids on the back of our bikes but we also wanted our kids to learn how to ride their own bikes. Toddlers can start learning to ride a bike early, basically from the time they learn to walk. They will not be riding for miles, but a great outdoor toy for your child to grow their interest in bikes and cycling.

To read more about what the best bikes to first introduce your toddlers to are click here.

Life Update

For 2022 Alex and I will be focused on bringing our third child into this world. We hope to get out for as many road rides as we can in our local area and search out any new potential routes for a great day tour. We promise to taste all the delicious pastries and coffee to ensure when we take you on a tour we have found the best options for you.

I will continue to explore what biking with little people is all about and let you know what we find. I have created a different blog All About Momma that is focused on outdoor adventure with kids from hiking, cycling or just getting your kids to play in the rain.

Please reach out for any questions you have or bike advice. And see you again in 2023!